Villa Comunale 'Schwerte': the Smart Park of Cava de' Tirreni

The Maniola Smart Sensing Company, in collaboration with Ng Electronics, Citelum, SEDAB, Alfa Bit Omega and with the sponsorship of the City of Cava de' Tirreni, launches Cava Smart City project.

Our project is based on a wireless sensor network aimed at a more efficient city management. By acquiring data and acting in real time, the system allows to monitor the environmental pollution, to optimize the use of resources, to make more efficient public lighting or the water networks, to control and manage vehicular traffic and parking.

The first phase of this pilot project, identified as CSS (Cava Smart Sensing), focuses on public lighting control.

Eight new streetlights equipped with Maniola Lightmote® system have been installed at the park at the 'Schwerte' park in Cava de' Tirreni, near the central fountain.

Lightmote is a software and hardware system designed to monitor and control a street lighting network, based on real-time event or according a program. The CSS project objectives can be summarized in:

  • Automatically modulate the brightness of a single streetlight, according to an adjustment profile or depending on the presence of people in proximity
  • Monitor the use, operation and efficiency of the lamps to enable predictive maintenance
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Achieve energy savings of over 60% compared to a conventional system

Project partners

Sedab Impianti
Comune di Cava de' Tirreni

Maniola Lightmote

The Lightmote board designed by Maniola, core of the system, is mounted inside the lamp so to detect the operating conditions and to adjust its brightness. Each lamp is also able to automatically to maximize the brightness in the presence of people close to the lamppost.

Another main hardware is the Maniola Gateway, implementing a network where every lamp can transmit its own data and receive control commands. The gateway unit act as a bridge between the wireless network and the remote server on which the system management software runs.

The Maniola Lightmote software manages the database of the system, stores and analyzes the data, manages configuration and application of energy-saving profiles, schedules the maintenance of streetlights.

The interface presents the streetlights on a map with different coloured icons that show the operating status: blue, no problem; yellow, lighting after hours or not according to the energy-saving profile; red, malfunction or missing data.

Also energy consumption and operating hours, daily, monthly and total of the entire system are shown. Percentage of energy saved is relative to the originating 100W lamps that have been replaced. The reduction of CO2 emissions is calculated according to the factor 352.4 g / kWh (source: ENEA on GSE and ISPRA data). Energy saving due to the application of the adjustment profile is highlighted by the lighter band of the bar charts.

Energy Saved
Reducing Emissions CO2
0 kwh
Total Consumptions
0 h
Total Hours

Data not available

Daily consumptions kwh

Data not available

Monthly consumptions kwh

Data not available

Daily operating hours

Data not available

Monthly operating hours

Savings in the bill

Total savings in days
Savings due to power regulation in days

The reduction in energy consumption, attained without affecting the luminous efficiency of the system, is determined by two factors:

  • the reduction in installed power, replacing the eight original 100 W lamps with 59 W LED lamps;
  • the application of the savings profiles that automatically regulate the power of each lamp according to the time and presence of people.

The table shows the consumption of the eight lamps installed compared to the original ones that have been replaced:

Total installed power Reference period Energy cost
Original lamps 800 W days (/d)
Maniola LED lamps 472 W days (/d)
Savings in the bill

The total savings (/lamp) in the period of days is the result of savings due to the installed power which is (/lamp) and that due to the regulation of the power which amounts to (/lamp).


Below you can evaluate the annual savings introduced by the Maniola Lightmote system applied to the street-lights of your city, by entering the number and power:

Savings obtainable on the basis of the extrapolated data from the system currently installed: /year

The calculation is based on the unit cost for energy of eurocent/KWh

Lightmote Demo

To openly show the capability of Maniola Lightmote we present some functions to play with the system by adjusting the lighting of a single lamp or coordinating streetlights groups. Going to the park nearby the central fountain, you can interact with the lighting system by activating some effects. Select the effect and click the name to run it, or via voice recognition uttering "run" or its name.

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